Performance Management Systems through Employee Alignment



In a recent study, researchers found that one of the key obstacles to successfully executing a business strategy was the lack of ownership of the strategy or execution plans by key employees. Creating alignment between employees and the business strategy is a key driver of employee engagement.

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What is Performance Management & Employee Alignment?

Performance management is not an annual performance review meeting. It is not preparing for that meeting, nor is it a self-evaluation. It’s not a performance review form, nor is it a performance management tool. Many organizations use performance management tools and forms to track organizational goals and improvements, but they are not the process of performance management.

Performance management is the process of creating an organizational climate in which people are empowered to perform to the best of their abilities.

What Employee Alignment Is NOT

Employee engagement is not about satisfied employees: Satisfied employees do not seek to drive business results. 

Employee engagement strategies are not about happy employees: Happy employees impact organizational climate but may lack a commitment to impacting organizational goals.

Companies must focus their efforts on improving employee engagement through proper goal setting and aligning employees with the company strategy.

How My Employee Alignment Process Impacts Performance Management

Developing & Validating Your Core Message

First, I will help you design a communication plan that will drive employee understanding of company strategy and the reasons behind it. Focus groups are a great way to test the message and give employees a say in how they’d like to hear the message conveyed, which improves employee engagement.

Defining Leadership's Role

My next step is helping senior managers understand their role in the process and helping them bring the company strategy to life for their employees. This step sets the proper organizational climate for the company strategy.

Devising an Interactive Approach

During this step, I assist your management team, in cooperation with key line employees, in establishing employee onboarding processes that support your company and an employee recognition system that reinforces the importance of the company strategy.

Measuring Success

To prove the value of helping employees connect to the business and work at measuring HR alignment, it is critical to establish clear outcomes and organizational goals at the outset. I will help you develop a few critical metrics that can be measured over time and will definitively determine the success of the company strategy.

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Ed Krow’s Process for Performance Management

Performance management requires that everyone in your organization shares responsibility for its success. My role in the process is to serve as your strategic partner in accomplishing the desired outcomes of the performance management system


“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”
Jack Welch, Retired CEO, General Electric


I will help you define organizational goals, what needs to be done, and suggest the approach that should be taken


Next, I’ll assist in developing the performance management tools and the leadership and employee training that needs to be implemented to accomplish the plan


I’ll coach your managers and leaders to track the actions necessary to improve organizational effectiveness.


I will help you design the formal performance review and feedback system that will deliver the results of employees’ efforts

What Ed’s Customers Are Saying

When our company decided that it was time to simplify our employee evaluation process and evaluate the salaries we were paying to our employees we were referred to Ed.

He made a presentation to our group and his experience and clear explanations showed us that he was the best person for the job. Ed’s work met our expectations. The new evaluation system works well for us and we are still using it. The goals we agreed on were met along the process and he provided us with a wealth of information and resources to smooth the transition into the new process and make decisions that were best for our business.

Ed is friendly, approachable, and very professional. All types of business could benefit from Ed’s help. Personnel is the biggest cost in service based businesses so having that process streamlined and efficient is very important.

Jill Brewster

Senior VP, Finance at Benecon Group, Inc.

Our HR officer is extremely involved with SHRM and when she saw Ed speaking at a conference, she thought he would be a great fit to help us with our ongoing compensation issues.

Our company had grown from 1 location to having locations in 48 counties. At this point our compensation packages were outdated and we were looking for a change. Ed took on two projects for us; the compensation package for upper level executives and the compensation package for the upper level management team.

For both projects, he spent time re-evaluating every single position with patience even when plans changed and work needed to be redone. Through the entire process he was very responsive. When it was needed he took the time to work 1-on-1 with the team.

Ed is special because he has a lot of exposure to information. He is up to date on all HR law and when working with him you can tell that he has worked with many organizations and gained a lot of great experience. I would definitely recommend Ed to others and I would say that he’s knowledgeable, easy to work with, receptive to ideas, and flexible.
Nan Haver

President/CEO, Service Access & Management, Inc.

Ed has been great to work with and the services he has provided to our firm have always been on time and with great results! He is always very personable and such an expert on the services he provides to our firm. He has been a pleasure to work with!

Chandra Roybal

HR Business Partner, Meyners & Co.

Ed’s Clients Include

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