Ed’s Clients & Testimonials

“Ed’s work is thorough and precise and his insight is both thoughtful and candid. I found working with Ed to be refreshing. He approaches his engagements in a highly professional yet approachable manner which I find allows for a much more fluid flow of information and guidance. I highly recommend Ed for advisement on even the most sensitive matters because he will take the time to understand your business and your immediate needs and then apply his experience to derive a cost-effective solution that works.”

Steve Winnie CEO, Campus Door Holdings, Inc.

“I highly recommend Ed to any meeting planner, organization, or event seeking an engaging, highly professional, and informative leadership development speaker. Ed was one of our speakers for our Annual Conference that pivoted to virtual in a matter of weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ed was one of the easiest speakers to work with during this major pivot, quickly pivoting his own presentation to suit the virtual format. Ed delivered the presentation as flawlessly and energetically as if he were in a room full of attendees, which made for a great experience for our attendees and resulted in Ed being one of our most highly-rated speakers.”

Alyssa Gibson Director of Education, American Alliance of Orthopaedic Executives

“Ed Krow demonstrates an expertise, trust, and dependability above reproach. Over the past 7 years, I have called upon Ed to co-deliver a supervisory training program as well as refer him to several clients for various HR services. In each case, he provided great service – only adding value to the client and making my firm look good as well. I’d highly recommend Ed for HR consulting including general HR projects and especially affirmative action.”

Ira Wolfe President, Success Performance Solutions

“We discovered Ed through a promotional email sent to us expressing interest in presenting at one of our conferences. Originally, we had considered having him come in for a 30-minute talk but when we had a half-day workshop come up we knew it would be a great fit for Ed!

He provided us with a menu of three topics and then worked diligently with us to develop the chosen topic. Through the whole process, he was highly responsive and accommodating. When it came to the actual speaking event, Ed engaged well with our audience and we received great post-event feedback from the attendees. In the presentation, his high levels of experience and knowledge were very clear.

I would absolutely recommend Ed to anyone looking for a speaker. He tailored the presentation to us, he was professional, and he gave a great value!”

Marc Murray Director of Education & Member Services, The Wire Association International, Inc.

“Ed helped our firm create an office-wide conversation about what’s appropriate in a workplace setting. He quickly understood our culture and utilized an open and engaging approach to guide diverse employee groups through what can sometimes be a difficult subject to broach.

Ed was very passionate and knowledgeable in speaking about harassment issues. He led several staff groups through 90 minute sessions of open conversation and dialogue. During these sessions, Ed shared case study examples that resonated with employees and helped define the nuances of harassment in workplace situations, including how harassment can vary for an individual depending on race, gender, and religious beliefs. He also spoke to the firm partners from more of a legality standpoint regarding human resource implications.

Our team members now have a much better awareness of potentially inappropriate behavior, as well as how to handle themselves in uncomfortable situations. I would definitely recommend Ed to others interested in harassment training for their staff—it was well worth the investment!”

Stacy J. Hollinger Partner, RLPS Interiors

“We were working with another company that was helping us to install a new HR/IS system and they referred Ed to us. When I met Ed he was easy going and personable and we decided he had the perfect presentation-style to deliver the training message that we thought our managers needed.

When we began working with Ed we immediately realized that we had made the right choice. During the training sessions with our managers, he showed us that he understands what employees and managers really need. He was funny, personable, and he kept the training light and easy to digest.

After working with Ed I was very pleased with the way my managers had been trained. The training helped to keep important information in the back of their minds while they go about their days. We have had Ed back multiple times and I would definitely recommend Ed to others.”

Mary Geist Human Resources Manager, Horst Group, Inc.

“Ed presented at our conference this year, and we actually maxed out in the original room and had to double the capacity. People couldn’t get enough of his work. His presentation and style were so engaging and people loved him. Our people are really tough on speakers and Ed got incredibly positive comments. He’s a great guy and we hope to have him again!”

Sarah Eyster MSW Director, Mental Health Division, Eastern Regional Rep

“Ed has been great to work with and the services he has provided to our firm have always been on time and with great results! He is always very personable and such an expert on the services he provides to our firm. He has been a pleasure to work with!”

Chandra Roybal HR Business Partner, Meyners & Co.

“First, it was very difficult to only select three attributes above. Ed is the consummate professional year in and year out. He possesses the very effective combination of deep expertise, project management, client empathy, and saying-reporting-documenting what the project and client needs.”

John McCambridge Human Resources Business Partner, North America, Voith Holding, Inc.

“An engaged culture is one of the most important things to our company. We take it very seriously and work on it intentionally. But one thing we haven’t done well is compensation.

That’s why we brought Ed in. He really got to know the culture and understood the company, and he created a comprehensive, effective compensation plan perfect for our company’s needs.

I highly recommend Ed to other business owners who want someone that gets to know the company, understands what’s important, and delivers on it.”

Bill Biesecker CEO, HairDirect

“Our organization was struggling with attracting the candidates we needed. We started working with Ed, and he had some unique ideas and insights into how we could do better with recruitment, our HR processes, and the structure of the department.

The plan Ed gave us was detailed and felt realistic, like a really good roadmap we could actually use. I was impressed with his work, his professionalism, and his ability to make a strong assessment of our HR processes and come back with concrete ideas and plans for us to review and incorporate.”

Mike Enriquez CEO, OSS Health

“Our management leadership training wasn’t exciting or engaging enough to get our managers to take the message out of the training with them. Ed came in, understand our needs, UTZ-ified the message, and most importantly delivered it in a way that made people listen and care. He is a seasoned professional who delivered his message with a mix of realism and humor, and it made me look like a rockstar when I brought him on. Managers listened to him, believed him, and most importantly he was able to make them leave with the content and the exact message we wanted to send.”

Tom Scholles Director of Human Resources, UTZ Quality Foods, LLC

“Ed Krow has been instrumental in helping our company remain in compliance with Affirmative Action, government reporting requirements and the ever-changing world of employment law. Ed is a pleasure to work with and a true professional.”

Brian McMahon Vice President of Human Resources, Shaner Hotels

“I can not say enough good things about Ed! He is a wealth of knowledge, very thorough and quick to respond. I feel confident referring him to my clients and they continue to sing his praises. I would highly recommend Ed for any of your HR needs.”

Julie Garrett Senior Sales Consultant, INGROUP Associates

“My firm has engaged Ed numerous times since 2007 for a varied number of HR-related issues. Every interaction with Ed has been excellent! He takes a well-thought-out, pragmatic, and logical approach to HR issues based on many years of experience and education.”

Bob Bunting Vice President, Acorn Design & Manufacturing

“In the past, we have hired Ed for numerous HR related projects. He has always been timely and thorough with his completion of projects. More recently, though, we have utilized Ed in decision-making to resolve some issues. Ed is very professional and we rely on his expertise and knowledge to make sound decisions.”

Kim Gibson HR Safety Director, National Novelty Brush Company

“I have worked with Ed for years but this was the first time that I used his consulting services. He and his associate were really great. Came in on very short notice and were very professional. Also, they were flexible and as the investigation continued, we realized that we needed some additional information and support and they provided just what we needed! Great Job!”

Tracy Newcomer Vice President of Human Resources, Country Meadows

“Ed is a great resource to have in your corner and demonstrates expertise and trust that few can match. In addition to using his services for compensation and AAP issues, lately I’ve utilized his talents in an executive training capacity and our firm was very pleased. Working with Ed has always been refreshing and he is the ultimate professional.”

Joe Biesecker PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager at Trout, Ebersole & Groff LLP

“When our company decided that it was time to simplify our employee evaluation process and evaluate the salaries we were paying to our employees we were referred to Ed.

He made a presentation to our group and his experience and clear explanations showed us that he was the best person for the job. Ed’s work met our expectations. The new evaluation system works well for us and we are still using it. The goals we agreed on were met along the process and he provided us with a wealth of information and resources to smooth the transition into the new process and make decisions that were best for our business.

Ed is friendly, approachable, and very professional. All types of businesses could benefit from Ed’s help. Personnel is the biggest cost in service-based businesses so having that process streamlined and efficient is very important.”

Jill Brewster Senior VP, Finance at Benecon Group, Inc.

“Our HR officer is extremely involved with SHRM and when she saw Ed speaking at a conference and thought he would be a great fit to help us with our ongoing compensation issues.

Our company had grown from 1 location to having locations in 48 counties. At this point our compensation packages were outdated and we were looking for a change. Ed took on two projects for us; the compensation package for upper level executives and the compensation package for the upper level management team.

For both projects, he spent time re-evaluating every single position with patience even when plans changed and work needed to be redone. Through the entire process he was very responsive. When it was needed he took the time to work 1-on-1 with the team.

Ed is special because he has a lot of exposure to information. He is up to date on all HR law and when working with him you can tell that he has worked with many organizations and gained a lot of great experience. I would definitely recommend Ed to others and I would say that he’s knowledgeable, easy to work with, receptive to ideas, and flexible.”

Nan Haver President/CEO, Service Access & Management, Inc.

I worked with Ed to develop and maintain compliance with our affirmative action plan. He came highly recommended to us from his work with the local SHRM chapter and working with Ed has been a great experience.

In the process of creating our affirmative action plan many small issues and questions came up but because of Ed’s vast knowledge and experience he could explain answers and provide excellent recommendations to cover any weaknesses that the government template had. Part of what Ed does for us is giving presentations to the board of trustees and this is great because he has excellent interpersonal skills and he can share the required information with them in a clear, positive, and friendly way. This really adds something special to his work with us.

Since working with Ed we’ve definitely had positive results. The plan he has set up with us has led to us being in compliance with our affirmative action plan and we have not been audited by the federal government.

William E. Griscom, Ed.D. President, Thaddeus Stevens College

“Ed has been a valued consulting resource to MANTEC (the Pennsylvania MEP Center serving 9 counties in South Central PA) since the early 2000s.  His quality consulting services has helped MANTEC internally and externally.  We’ve contracted his services to assist in some specialized HR needs in-house and we’ve brokered his professional services many times over those 20 yrs.  Ed is a skilled and knowledgeable professional.  He’s consistently delivered TOP-NOTCH services and quality deliverables to our client manufacturers.”

Kent Keller Business Advisor

“Ed has become a trusted partner in my role as a Human Resources executive for compliance matters. His ability to confidently break down complex regulations to an easily digestible format is unparalleled. I can give no higher recommendations to any organization considering a strategic alignment with Ed Krow as an industry leader for their EEO compliance.”

Christopher Flynn Director of HR, Photonis

Jason Hollinger- Testimonial

“We brought Ed in to coach a member of our executive team.  I was impressed with his ability to diagnose the situation and develop a coaching plan that would enhance our executive’s leadership skill set.  Ed built trust with this individual and helped guide them through some significant challenges. I would recommend Ed to any executive who is looking to enhance the performance of their key leaders.”
Jason Hollinger President, Four Seasons Produce

Mike Davidson- Ed Krow Testimonial

“New ownership wished to move our company culture in a different direction and we contracted Ed Krow to help us make that a reality.  He facilitated positive change by helping us find candidates for a  new HR Manager and developed the procedures so we could run an effective HR department.  The new HR Manager was able to hit the ground running thanks to Ed’s ongoing support.  I recommend Ed to any company looking to change their culture. His expertise pointed us in the right direction and after a few short months we are seeing major improvement in our team.”
Mike Davison, President/CEO Ross Technology Corp.

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