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Human Resources As Your Strategic Partner

It was a pleasure being a guest speaker on My Future Business Show hosted by Rick Nuske. We discussed the process behind the HR transformation, and in particular, how alignment of the HR function with mission critical business objectives, plays an important role in their ongoing success. Listen to the full episode now!

Driving Business Results Through Your People

I had a great conversation as a guest speaker on the Annie Jennings PR radio podcast hosted by Stacy Kaufman. We discussed how to leverage the HR function to grow a business. Listen to the full episode now!

Working With People To Get Things Done

It was a pleasure being a guest speaker on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast hosted by Neil Ball. We had a great time discussing HR and my my experience as an entrepreneur. Listen to the full episode now.

Succession Planning: How To Identify Your Next In Line With A HiPo Toolkit?

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights and experiences with regard to ‘Succession Planning’. Sharing the link of the article, with your quotes.

How to Pivot Your HR Strategy

I had the honor to join Majeed Mogharreban in discussion on the key things businesses need to be focused on now so they are in a position to come back strong when the pandemic abates.

What’s HR’s Plan B? Life After Covid-19

I was recently a guest on the show called, Up Shift Creek hosted by Ira Wolfe. We discussed life after Covid-19 and what HR’s plan B will need to be to re-board and re-engage a post-pandemic workforce. Watch the full episode now.

How Do I Get My Team Off To a Fast Start

I was recently a guest on the show called, Asking For A Friend hosted by Karin Hurt. We had a great time talking about the importance of goal setting and alignment. Watch the full episode now.

Plan. Meet. Repeat- A Podcast For Meeting Planners

I was recently a guest on the Plan. Meet. Repeat. a podcast hosted by Kerry Heaps.  We had a great time talking about all things conference planning and speaking! Listen to the full episode below.

How to Make Your HR Department More Strategic

Recently, I had the honor of being a guest speaker on the HR Oxygen podcast hosted by Mack Munro. On the show, we discussed actionable strategies to get your HR function to that next level, and the release of my new book, Strategic HR! Listen to the full episode below.

Interview with Jim Masters on CUTV Live January 27, 2020 at noon.

Today, human resources function matters, but the human resources profession does not. If you’re not working on their skill development as leaders in the workplace, as influencers, as good teammates, what attracts people to your workplace? I challenge people to do something different: to make your workplace the best that it can be.

Why is HR Still Fighting for a Seat at the Table 25 Years Later?

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How HR can move beyond being the hiring, firing, and “necessary evil” department to CEOs
  • What can actually make HR stand out in the C-Suite
  • How to get a VOICE at the table, and more.

Leveraging HR to Drive Business Results

On the show, Diane and I talk about:

  • What the employment brand is and how it affects your organization’s marketing brand
  • What happens when HR is disconnected from the strategic mission of your organization
  • How to turn your HR function from a cost center into a strategic business partner
  • How to craft your message for impact, and more.

The Crazy Shift Show

Ed Krow and Ira Wolfe on LinkedIn Live. What do you have to say? What does HR need to do better?

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