Strategic HR

Driving Bottom Line Results Through Your People

Perception v Reality

Human resources is, for the most part, irrelevant and has been for some time. Does that upset you? I’ve spoken to countless business owners and executives that look for ways to work around HR instead of with HR. Why? Because they view HR as the rock in road. When other business divisions are focused on the bottom line, HR focuses compliance, procedures, rules, and making people “happy.” Want to change the perception of HR in the world? Then we must embrace the concept that the sole purpose of HR must be on affecting the business.

Just like every other department that gets paid to bring solutions to business challenges, HR better understand how the people of the business help the business succeed, not the other way around.

This book encourages HR to embrace change. To let go of the status quo, of rules, of procedures, to rise up from mediocrity, to no longer be the bastion of the “this is how we do things” mentality. HR professionals must be strategic thinkers and well-rounded business professionals. The HR function must be staffed by the best and brightest minds in business and to once and for all squash the mindset of business leaders who believe “anyone can do HR.”

About Strategic HR

Strategic HR shows HR and business executives how to move beyond developing rules and procedures and focus instead on developing processes and strategies. To stop worrying only about the legal ramifications of decisions and worry about the business ramifications of decisions, too. If you’re reading this and wondering, “Okay, but how do we make that happen?” That’s what this book will explore.

If HR would focus solely on business success, it would have the coveted “seat at the table.” It would be respected as business partners. Its contribution would be easily measured and no longer seen as overhead, but a necessary investment for growth and success. Business executives: it’s time to expect more from HR!

Strategic HR is for anyone who recognizes that business can only succeed through its people and is looking for the roadmap to get there! Contents include: Building employee alignment, Charting HR’s course in your organization, The impact of HR strategy, Succession planning, Learning and development, Developing an organizational culture that drives results, Building work teams to support the culture, Creating a culture of engagement, Incenting through variable pay, and Taking a strategic look at your HR function.

I know this to be true: HR can be easy; we make it hard. The road map is here, the blueprints designed, its time to act! The only way your business can be successful is through people. Get the people equation right and customer satisfaction and profits will skyrocket. I promise if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and yes dollars into the contents of this book, you will see a return on your investment many times over!

Special bonus! If you are a SHRM certified professional and are looking for ways to earn credits, Strategic HR is SHRM approved for earning recertification credits for your credentials!