Building Employee Alignment

In a recent study, researchers found that one of the key obstacles to successfully executing a business strategy was the lack of ownership of the strategy or execution plans by key employees. Creating a line of sight between employees and the business strategy is a key driver of employee alignment.

I can help your organization achieve line of sight through the following four step approach:

  • Developing & Validating Your Core Message. First, I will help you design a communication plan that will drive employee understanding of the business strategy and the reasons behind it. Focus groups are a great way to test the message and give employees a say in how they’d like to hear the message conveyed.
  • Defining Leadership’s Role. My next step is helping senior managers understand their role in the process, and helping them bring the strategy to life for their employees.
  • Devising an Interactive Approach. During this step, I assist your management team, in cooperation with key line employees, in establishing processes that support, and a reward system that reinforces, the importance of the business strategy.
  • Measuring Success. To prove the value of helping employees connect to the business, it is critical to establish clear outcomes and measures for success at the outset. I will help you develop a few critical metrics that can be measured over time and will definitively determine the success of the business strategy.

By using this collaborative approach to developing messages that are meaningful and consistent, educating leaders on their role in the process, continuing reinforcement of messages through leadership actions and organizational initiatives, and measuring success, I believe you CAN win the hearts, minds and hands of your employees as they HELP YOU achieve business success.  Contact me today at 717-314-3680 or to get started on aligning your employees to your business strategy!

Performance Management

To maximize organizational success, companies must motivate individuals and groups toward a common goal. I believe that a solid performance management system must be a dynamic and adaptable process that cascades throughout the organization, from the C-suite, to the individual employee. Since performance management is one of the most challenging areas of responsibility in the field of human resources, a good system must be well-conceived and implemented. Ultimately, the success of the performance management system can also determine the success of the organization.

It is important to note that no “silver bullet” exists that can be used as a solution to maximizing employee performance. What I do know is that a performance management system that balances the goals of the organization with the abilities and characteristics of its workforce will have the greatest chance of success.

When you partner with me to develop your performance management system, I’ll help you ensure that your system:

  • supports your organizational strategy
  • identifies key performance objectives
  • relates to all other HR systems
  • maintains compliance with applicable legislation
  • increases the accuracy of the performance appraisal data
  • fosters dialogue between managers and employees
  • encourages employee development

Ultimately, performance management is a continuous process that involves four basic steps:

  • Planning – I will help you define what is important to your organization, what needs to be done, and suggest the approach that should be taken
  • Action – next, I’ll assist in developing the day-to-day activities and development steps that need to be taken to accomplish the plan
  • Monitoring – I’ll coach your managers and leaders to track the actions necessary to achieving continuous improvement
  • Review – I will help you design the formal assessment and feedback system that will deliver the results of employees’ efforts

Watch This Seminar to learn more about how to use Employee Alignment in your company.

Performance management requires that everyone in your organization shares responsibility for its success. My role in the process is to serve as your strategic partner in accomplishing the desired outcomes of the performance management system.  Contact me today at 717-314-3680 or to schedule an assessment of the effectiveness of your existing performance management system.

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