Ed speaks to executives about moving outdated HR Strategies into a Win-Win Plan for Growth

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Presentation Topics

  • HR Strategic Planning: Now more than ever, organizations need to have a strategic plan for HR. In this session, Ed shows senior leaders how to create a people strategy that ties into the business’ strategic plan and drives bottom line results.
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  • Creating a Culture of Engagement: Ed shares how to create a system that will attract, motivate, and retain key talent, as well as encourage employees to focus on continuous operational improvement.
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  • How to be a Leader Worth Following: Ed takes senior leaders through the quickest way to evaluate how well they are leading their team and delivers a lesson on why it is so important that you lead yourself well.
    Check out a recent talk Ed gave on this topic.

What event planners say:

I highly recommend Ed to any meeting planner, organization, or event seeking an engaging, highly professional, and informative leadership development speaker. Ed was one of our speakers for our Annual Conference that pivoted to virtual in a matter of weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ed was one of the easiest speakers to work with during this major pivot, quickly pivoting his own presentation to suit the virtual format. Ed delivered the presentation as flawlessly and energetically as if he were in a room full of attendees, which made for a great experience for our attendees and resulted in Ed being one of our most highly rated speakers.

Alyssa Gibson

Director of Education, American Alliance of Orthopedic Executives

Ed presented at our conference this year, and we actually maxed out in the original room and had to double the capacity. People couldn’t get enough of his work. His presentation and style were so engaging and people loved him. Our people are really tough on speakers and Ed got incredibly positive comments. He’s a great guy and we hope to have him again!

Sarah Eyster

MSW Director, Mental Health Division, Eastern Region Rep

Our management leadership training wasn’t exciting or engaging enough to get our managers to take the message out of the training with them. Ed came in, understood our needs, UTZ-ified the message, and most importantly delivered it in a way that made people listen and care.

He is a seasoned professional who delivered his message with a mix of realism and humor, and it made me look like a rockstar when I brought him on. Managers listened to him, believed him, and most importantly he was able to make them leave with the content and the exact message we wanted to send.

Tom Scholles

Director of HR, UTZ Quality Foods, LLC

What attendees say:

Ed is a very motivational speaker and clearly knows how to influence people.

Susan B.

VP of HR at AAA Reading Berks, McCord-Farr

This was, by far, one of the best professional development sessions I have ever attended. Extremely relevant for what I encounter at my place of work.

Erica Miller

Recruitment Manager , Four Seasons Produce

This was the best session of the whole conference. Information was valuable and there were great takeaways. Ed is an engaging speaker!

Roxy Antonio

Director of HR, Missouri Department of Revenue

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