How (And Why) You Need to Communicate Your Strategic Business Plan With Your People

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

We’ve all heard that, and we’ve probably even said it ourselves. Obviously, it refers to the hijinks and craziness that can happen when one goes to Vegas and takes part of all the festivities in that city.

But here’s the challenge, and the reason I bring this up: so often, that same “what happens in Vegas mentality” gets applied to strategic planning.

How often, at your place of business, have your executives and perhaps you as an executive gone away on a retreat (maybe even in Vegas!) to create a strategic plan?

But when they (or you) come back…mum’s the word! No one knows what happened. Because no one ever saw the strategic plan you were working on.

That’s a problem. Because the only way we can get things done in business is through people.

If people are going to impact our business and drive our business results and the strategic plan is all about setting the path for achieving the business results, it would only make sense that we have to reveal what’s in those strategic plans to our people.

In the video below, you’ll learn:

  • How to communicate your plan with your people so that it actually has an impact
  • What culture has to do with your strategic plan (and why it’s so important when it comes to your business results)
  • The 3 main types of business strategies for your strategic plan and how to develop them
  • The one business strategy employees always tend to question (and how to communicate it in a way that makes sense to them)
  • The 2 strategies that come out of your key business strategy (and how to create them)
  • How to get the best possible organizational performance you can

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