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Create Change & Drive Business Growth

Only 0.10% of small businesses grow to 100 employees or more, achieving mid-sized business status (BDC, 2013).

1.8% of mid-sized businesses become large businesses, surpassing the 500-employee mark each year,
while 82% maintain their status, 12.7% return to small business and 3.4% declare bankruptcy.

If you’re struggling to reach organizational goals due to declining revenues, low retention, or poor company culture,
Ed Krow explores six talent transformation strategies to align employees, leverage existing talent, and drive business growth.

The old way isn’t working anymore it’s time for a new way of thinking.

Strategic Recruitment

Establish a consistent recruitment process to attract and retain top-tier talent while ensuring your company resources are used effectively.

Performance Management

Create an organizational climate where employees perform to the best of their abilities so your business can experience sustainable growth.

Business Succession

Have a clear succession plan in the event you lose one or more key employees so you can protect your company and avoid failure.

Culture Strategies

Strategically reimagine your business environment so you can align with a talent transformation strategy and maintain harmony.

Organizational Development

Reshape your organization to shift attitudes, values, and beliefs to motivate employees and drive business results.

Employee Compensation

Attract talent with competitive plans that complement your business strategy so your compensation aligns with your employees’ values.

Clients Who Have Experienced Transformation

Why Talent Transformation & Why Now?

Ed Krow works with executives, business owners, and decision makers who are struggling with people problems. His talent transformation process teaches employees how to:

  • Adapt to changing business conditions
  • Meet customer, investor, and community expectations
  • Turn ineffective HR functions into strategic contributors that drive business results

So when people ask, “What is talent transformation?”, Ed Krow simply shows them the positive results that each and every client experiences after working with him.

Ed Krow has been speaking to senior leaders across North America since 2008 about how they can turn their people into strategic contributors.

From 50-person meetings to conferences of thousands, he is the only talent transformation expert in his field consulting for companies like yours on how to achieve sustainable business growth.

This Is For You If

You are struggling to achieve 8-figure growth (or your growth is a runaway train!).

You are looking to change or improve company culture.

You know the talent you want but can’t find it.

This Is Not For You If

You are not willing to invest time and resources into solving your people problems.

You are not interested in getting the most out of your people investment.

You are happy with the status quo in your organization.

“New ownership wished to move our company culture in a different direction and we contracted Ed Krow to help us make that a reality.  He facilitated positive change by helping us find candidates for a  new HR Manager and developed the procedures so we could run an effective HR department.  The new HR Manager was able to hit the ground running thanks to Ed’s ongoing support.  I recommend Ed to any company looking to change their culture. His expertise pointed us in the right direction and after a few short months we are seeing major improvement in our team.

Mark Davidson

President/CEO, Ross Technology Corp.

“An engaged culture is one of the most important things to our company. We take it very seriously and work on it intentionally. But one thing we haven’t done well is compensation.

That’s why we brought Ed in. He really got to know the culture and understood the company, and he created a comprehensive, effective compensation plan perfect for our company’s needs.

I highly recommend Ed to other business owners who want someone that gets to know the company, understands what’s important, and delivers on it.

Bill Biesecker

CEO, HairDirect

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Strategic HR

“I have been waiting for a book like this. Ed does a great job of breaking down the critical components of aligning C Suite and HR strategies together. This is a book not only for HR professionals, but for executives to also understand their Human Resources function. Lots of great leadership principles throughout the book. I cannot wait to put into action the strategies outlined in the book.

Vicky Barto

Director of Talent Acquisition & Development, Upstream Rehabilitation

“This book is the real deal. It’s filled with practical ideas on how you can get results from your team. Get your pen out because you are going to want to take notes and discuss with your leadership team.

Tom Malesic

President, EZ Solution, Corp.

Our organization was struggling with attracting the candidates we needed. We started working with Ed, and he had some unique ideas and insights into how we could do better with recruitment, our HR processes, and the structure of the department.

The plan Ed gave us was detailed and felt realistic, like a really good roadmap we could actually use. I was impressed with his work, his professionalism, and his ability to make a strong assessment of our HR processes and come back with concrete ideas and plans for us to review and incorporate.

Mike Enriquez

CEO, OSS Health

Meet Ed Krow, The Talent Transformation Expert

With a proven track record in HR, Ed Krow is a people expert who uses his unique talent transformation process to leverage existing talent and align employees with organizational strategy to create change, drive sustainable growth, and maintain overall happiness.

“I help solve people problems and I write books about solving people problems, but I’m also a business owner. It’s not only experience, it’s living with the same problems my clients do and sharing how to overcome them that people value the most.” Ed Krow.

Ed Krow is ambitious, educated, and dedicated when it comes to getting everyone on the same page. He values people at the heart of everything, so he became the talent transformation expert.