The Shape Of Leadership: How To Successfully Develop Your Employees

Think of a parallelogram split from the top left corner to the bottom right. You’re left with two triangles.


The triangle on the right, standing on its tip, is the employee triangle. When you bring an employee into your organization, if you don’t take care of them appropriately, they’ll fall to one side or the other because there’s no foundation. I call these people novices.

You could have 20 years of experience and still be a novice. If you or I decide to move into another career or even just go to a different company, that’s taking a bit of a step backward. You haven’t lost your professional knowledge, but you’ve lost an understanding of company culture, politics and how everything gets done, landing you in novice territory.

Throughout our careers, we move in and out of the novice phase depending on what’s going on at that point in time.

As a business, you want very few people to be novices. Novices are a challenge. They take up the bulk of management’s time.

The best way to get employees out of novice mode?

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