Strategic Succession Planning

Planning for both the foreseen and unexpected absences of people who hold key roles in an organization is a task which employers often avoid or engage in only in an informal manner. Worse yet, we sometimes limit the planning to the “C-Suite.”

Without concentrated effort on succession planning, a business that has been successful can quickly fail if one or more of its key employees is lost.

Succession planning has to be a priority for every business and should be part of its strategic business plan.

In this video, you will learn how to develop a succession plan for all levels of key employees. I cover:

1. The business case for succession planning
2. The 7 deadly signs of a faltering succession planning system
3. Succession planning meets leadership development
4. The top 10 ways to strategically build your bench strength
5. Implementation strategies for today’s economy
6. Current business trends that impact succession planning and how to recognize them in your organization.

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