Smart Daily Habits That Will Make You A Better Leader

There’s a lot to be said for having a consistent daily routine. Many leaders try to create good habits like exercising and writing out their to-do lists for the day to help them stay productive and on task. But sometimes, the most beneficial daily practices are ones you might not instinctively think to do.

Forbes asked myself and some other leadership experts to share the surprising daily habits that have helped their clients thrive as leaders. Whether you’re looking to shake up your existing routine or create a new one, it’s worth experimenting with some of these habits to find the right fit for you.

The habit I shared?


We need to continually take in new information to open our minds to new ideas and ways of thinking. Good leaders are willing to take in differing opinions and consider their merit. Furthermore, leaders who read also make notes on the ideas that strike them. Even if it is not something they can use at the present time, they will keep the information as a reference for when the time is right.

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