How To Change Your People’s Behavior

People often follow leaders because they inspire them. That inspiration may motivate them and create a willingness to serve or an attitude of gratitude for that leader who shares their knowledge, passion and vision.

What do good leaders do with that? They take the time to develop the people around them.
When we think about how we get people to change their behaviors and follow the vision their leaders set, we see that we use inspiration to motivate them. But to change their behavior, we have to give them the skills they need. We do this through training.

Great leaders work not just on creating willingness and attitude in their followers to work hard but also on giving them the actual skills they need to do so.

They recognize that there are two elements to creating the right behaviors in people. They have to be able to figure out:
1. What people are physically and mentally capable of doing
2. What people are actually willing to do

The obvious caveat here is that just because people are able to perform properly doesn’t mean they will. Good leaders blend both of these things, getting people to want to do the job in the right way at the right time.

But it starts with attitude because our people’s attitudes are reflected in their behaviors.

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