Are you taking this approach to your business problems?

Picture this: you have a pain that has been bothering you for some time. You go to the doctor and she says she can cure that pain. It would obviously involve some cost, perhaps medicine, or therapy, or surgery, whatever. How many of you would say, “No thanks, I’m just going to live with the pain and allow it to run my life.”? OR worse yet say, “I like your approach doctor and I know you’re the one for the job, but I am going to find someone cheaper to treat me, even if it means I may not be totally cured.”

Most of us wouldn’t take that approach to our health.

Why then do so many executives take that approach to their business problems? I routinely talk with executives that complain about their business challenges, but refuse to invest in their business to solve those challenges. I actually had a business executive say, “I don’t need to get an A on this paper, given my business challenges I’ll take a B.” WHAT? He actually was willing to settle for a halfway solution that was not guaranteed to solve his issue. Want to guess what the stumbling block was? Anyone? COST.

I know, surprise, surprise! A business is a living, breathing thing, not unlike our bodies. It will develop its aches and pains over time. We take care of our bodies so that that we can live healthy, fruitful, and hopefully long lives. Why would we not take care of our business in much the same way? If someone could provide a solution to your problem, that costs a fraction of what the problem was costing you annually, and you agree that the solution would work, why should the cost be a factor?

Time to talk value friends! There will always be CHEAP solutions, the question is whether they will work. ALWAYS look for value in your dealings with your vendors, and you will never be disappointed with your outcomes.