16 Tips For Business Owners’ 2019 ‘To Do’ Lists

January is like the first blank page in a new notebook. What you do during that month can set the stage for success for your business for the entire year. Getting your business off to a great start in a new year requires planning, critical thinking and dedication to executing your strategy.

In 2018, Forbes asked me, along with 15 other experts, what every business owner or leader should do in January to set themselves up for a successful 2019.

My piece of advice is: set your HR strategy.

Prioritize your HR needs. Identify your competitive advantage and how to measure it. Decide on your desired culture. Create the tactical piece of the plan. Then, decide how you will implement it: How will you push the buttons for compensation, benefits, work-life balance, performance and recognition, and development and career opportunities in order to impact each of your priorities?

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