14 Ways For Business Leaders To Build Team Cohesion

In business, as in any venture, team members who don’t trust each other are destined for setbacks and failure. It’s important from the outset for business leaders to take steps to build trust and cooperation among their employees to maximize productivity and team satisfaction.

Modeling best behaviors and creating shared experiences are great for building camaraderie. Forbes asked 14 leadership experts, including myself, to share our most effective ways for business leaders to build team spirit in their employees.

1. Share and Be Receptive. This tip comes from yours truly! Trust is determined by openness, credibility and respect, practiced consistently. Therefore, trust relies on leaders being consistent and letting others know what to expect.

Leaders must foster an environment where others’ differences are accepted and look out for others’ welfare. Leaders who share thoughts and feelings and who are receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others build trust.

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