13 Signs You Might Be the Reason Your Employees Are Quitting

Your best employees are leaving in rapid succession. You’ve noticed a lot of bickering and drama. You can’t seem to motivate anyone on the team anymore. There has to be an explanation—and it could very well be your leadership.

No boss wants to admit that they are the reason for their team’s issues, but if you’re experiencing recurring morale and retention problems, you might want to look inward for the cause. I was recently featured on Forbes alongside a panel of other experts sharing some clear signs that it’s not your employees—it’s you.

For me, one of those signs is that you’ve lost influence over your team.

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.” If you as a boss look in the mirror and find that you can no longer influence the behavior of your team, you are the problem. It’s time to reconnect with your staff and determine what they need and aren’t getting from you. Only then can you begin to change and be the leader the staff needs to drive results.

Read this article in Forbes to discover the 12 other signs you might be the reason your employees are quitting.