Struggling to keep your high-potential employees engaged and productive after hiring them?

Worried that HR issues are leaving you exposed to a lawsuit?

You can eliminate HR headaches and get the best out of a great team so you can focus on manageable, profitable growth.

Rick, the founder and CEO of a manufacturing company he had built from the ground up to 150 employees, had a nagging feeling that he was not getting the best out of his team. He was right to be worried.

Orders were flooding in from new customers, and his team was working flat out. That should have been a good thing, but Rick knew it was all about to blow up if he did not start formalizing things and getting more structure.

The closer he looked at the situation, the scarier it looked. Rick needed new employees – fast – but competition for them was fierce. As more people came on board more quickly, cultural clashes started bubbling to the surface. And there were murmurs from the third shift that the supervisor – a family member of Rick’s – was harassing the women on the team.

Imagine: Having certainty you are treating employees equitably, peace-of-mind that you are completely compliant, and pride in a productive, high-performing team

You have peace of mind knowing there are systems in place protecting you against potential lawsuits. Clear compensation systems give you and your employees the certainty that everyone is being treated equitably, while competitive packages incentivize performance in alignment with your business goals. Training systems ensure your employees get appropriate development opportunities.

Everyone is working together like a well-oiled machine for manageable, profitable growth.

Human Resources issues get exponentially harder as your team grows

Business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs realize pretty quickly that human resources is a can of worms they take no joy in opening. Growth – especially rapid growth – can unleash Human Resources Chaos.

In the beginning, HR is not much more than payroll and administration. The small number of employees makes it feel like a family affair, and often it is. More employees can be a potent symbol of growth and make new things possible for your business, but the HR challenges can get pretty overwhelming, pretty quickly.

Focused warehouse managers working together in a large warehouse

More employees means…

  • More compliance issues that beckon the threat of tax and legal issues
  • Culture clash that can turn into illegal discrimination
  • Hiring people quickly, and sometimes letting them go
  • Getting employees on board with the goals of the company
  • Figuring out how to motivate and incentivize diverse people to perform their best
  • Tackling compensation package issues that can attract employees or drive them away, and open your business up to back-biting and jealousy as well as discrimination lawsuits

In short: when a business grows, it hits a tipping point where HR is no longer an administrative level task, but a management-level opportunity deserving strategic attention.

The key to ending HR headaches? Systematize development, compliance and compensation

You can benefit from strategic, systematized, management-level HR without hiring on a new full-time HR employee.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Ask “why this and why now” – what are the underlying issues making you want to take action right now. Are important things falling through the gaps? Is someone in danger of getting injured? Is there a discrimination issue?
  • Conduct a thorough audit of the current situation and environment. Hold a magnifying glass over training programs, compensation systems, people policies and procedures to get a clear picture of what needs to change
  • Have an expert third party walk around your physical plant – they often notice serious issues when others have been blinded by routine
  • Identify urgent problems and rectify them immediately. More often than not, a thorough audit uncovers accidents – and lawsuits – waiting to happen
  • Systematize regularly recurring processes so a competent mid-level administrator can keep things running smoothly. These processes include:
    • HR administrative actions (leave, applications, benefits)
    • Staying safe and legally compliant
    • Encouraging productivity
    • Hiring and onboarding team members likely to succeed
    • Compensation systems that are transparent and reward performance
  • Have a trusted advisor for strategic questions and particularly challenging situations.

After Rick called Ed, he got an HR system in place for his business that his management team could run themselves. As a result, Rick was able to step back from his business with confidence.

His management team is running a growing company and able to take care of day-to-day HR themselves. And it is growing profitably today.

Introducing Ed Krow: More HR management horsepower for your business – when you need it

Ed had a background in Operations before being promoted into Human Resources. He knows what it’s like on the line… and how to be tactfully blunt to management.

In the midst of people chaos, Ed gets things back on track and puts you in the driver’s seat. Give him a call today: 717-314-3680