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A Well Seasoned Approach to Leadership

A while back, I wrote an article for titled “Be Like Salt: A Well-Seasoned Approach to Leadership.” The feedback and support for that content has been amazing. So….I’ve decided to launch the Be Like Salt Institute!

What has been holding you back from becoming the leader you are meant to be? If you could overcome that challenge, what would your life look like? Would it lead to a promotion, better job, pay raise? Would it enable you to have more quality time with those you love or be a better provider for them? Perhaps you envision giving back to the community by leading a non-profit board, committee, or fundraising event. What would it feel like to realize your true potential?

If any of these resonate with you, and you are ready to take the next step, then Be Like Salt Institute is for you!

What Is The Role of Organizational Development and Why It’s Important?

A good Organizational Development professional knows that once the company strategy is set, it is time to conduct a gap analysis to determine the company’s current organizational culture and climate compared to where it wants to go. Oftentimes the analysis shows deficiencies in leadership development, training and development, employee engagement, teamwork, and employment brand. The Organizational Development professional’s role is to implement processes to drive change in those areas.
Failing to develop our company is the first step in a declining corporate life cycle. Just as we need to invest in new equipment and infrastructure to service customers, we must invest in the strength of the company and its people to better service customers. We’ve often heard the saying, “People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses.” If this is happening in your workplace, it is a sure sign that basic organizational culture principles are being ignore

Step 1: Serve Your People

The first step in being a SALTy leader is to learn to Serve your people. As leaders we must ask ourselves, “Are we serving others, or being served by others?” Servant leadership is only the beginning. Being Like Salt requires us to dig a little deeper into our people’s needs, hopes, and dreams. Want more info? Schedule a no obligation exploratory call to learn if the Be Like Salt Program is for you.

Step 2: Be Appreciative

The 2nd step in being a “SALTy” leader is Appreciation. I have heard it said that, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” How often do we as leaders not walk the talk? Do we truly recognize that our people ARE our most important asset? Being Like Salt requires us to examine our actions more closely to be sure our words are genuine.


Step 3: Be A Listener

The 3rd step in being a “SALTy” leader is Listening. Author Bryant McGill says, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” How often do we as leaders listen only with intent to respond and not understand? We must recognize that the people around us often have the solutions to our most pressing problems…if only we’d give them the avenue to open up. Being Like Salt requires us to become active listeners who engage in communication with the intent to understand others.

Step 4: Have Trust

The final step in being a “SALTy” leader is Trust. Ernest Hemingway said, “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” How often do we as leaders attempt to micromanage because we don’t trust our people to handle situations? We must recognize that without trust, our people cannot rise to the level of success we expect so that we can achieve the business results we desire. Being Like Salt requires us to trust others to do the right thing, hold themselves accountable, and trust that we have given them the tools to succeed.

“We discovered Ed through a promotional email sent to us expressing interest in presenting at one of our conferences. Originally, we had considered having him come in for a 30-minute talk but when we had a half-day workshop come up we knew it would be a great fit for Ed!

He provided us with a menu of three topics and then worked diligently with us to develop the chosen topic. Through the whole process, he was highly responsive and accommodating. When it came to the actual speaking event, Ed engaged well with our audience and we received great post-event feedback from the attendees. In the presentation, his high levels of experience and knowledge were very clear.

I would absolutely recommend Ed to anyone looking for a speaker. He tailored the presentation to us, he was professional, and he gave a great value!”

Marc Murray

Director of Education & Member Services, The Wire Association International, Inc.

“Ed helped our firm create an office-wide conversation about what’s appropriate in a workplace setting. He quickly understood our culture and utilized an open and engaging approach to guide diverse employee groups through what can sometimes be a difficult subject to broach.

Ed was very passionate and knowledgeable in speaking about harassment issues. He led several staff groups through 90 minute sessions of open conversation and dialogue. During these sessions, Ed shared case study examples that resonated with employees and helped define the nuances of harassment in workplace situations, including how harassment can vary for an individual depending on race, gender, and religious beliefs. He also spoke to the firm partners from more of a legality standpoint regarding human resource implications.

Our team members now have a much better awareness of potentially inappropriate behavior, as well as how to handle themselves in uncomfortable situations. I would definitely recommend Ed to others interested in harassment training for their staff—it was well worth the investment!”

Stacy J. Hollinger

Partner, RLPS Interiors

“We were working with another company that was helping us to install a new HR/IS system and they referred Ed to us. When I met Ed he was easy going and personable and we decided he had the perfect presentation-style to deliver the training message that we thought our managers needed.

When we began working with Ed we immediately realized that we had made the right choice. During the training sessions with our managers, he showed us that he understands what employees and managers really need. He was funny, personable, and he kept the training light and easy to digest.

After working with Ed I was very pleased with the way my managers had been trained. The training helped to keep important information in the back of their minds while they go about their days. We have had Ed back multiple times and I would definitely recommend Ed to others.”

Mary Geist

HR Manager, Horst Group, Inc.

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